We all know what happened on the 21st of January 2017, from Washington to New York passing by Chicago, the yearly international women’s march day was the event to look at all day long. During the whole day, millions of women and men went down the street protesting to defend women’s rights, a protest the took even more sens this year with Donald Trump’s came to power. As a reminder, Trump is the most controversial President of the United States : macho and racist, one wonders how he was even electes. But, who said protesting could’nt be fashionable ? Tones of celebrities joined the marche and if some stayed quite discreet (as pretty Emma Watson and beautiful Scarlett Johansson), other saw in that day the opportunity to show off their best looks. Here are the 4 celebrities who wore outfits you’d die for.



Compare to the crazy clothes she uses to wear, women’s march day is a rescpectfull event and we’re totally in love of the teenager’s rebel look she opted for. Miley supported the Happy Hippie Foundation which fights against Young people’s injustice. So she wore a shirt and pants fully covered by the foundation’s logo and a black sweat shirt also with the logo. Positive an joyful choice, Miley !



Katy Perry did not forget her style at home, as you can she she stills attracting attention with that big fured-pink jacket and her yellow hat. She also wears funny glasses and a fantasy bag in form of coffee cup. The look just reminds us a utopic world such as in « Edward Sissorhands » or the people from the Capitol in « Hunger Games ». But the pink skirt, please ??? Too much ! Except that, she’s so cute !



I already loved her before seeing that picture but after I saw that, I can’t love her even more. This is the embodiment of « cuteness overloaded », everything is perfect from the flowers in her hair to the jeans boots (also named « joots »). She stayed herself in her own style, her own cuteness but she chose positives colors and…. oh please her Nonna just killed it with that pink fur ! I absolutely love this :)))




There’s only one girl in the whole world able to wear fur, tutu and jeans at the same time. Rihanna went crazy with this outfits, perhaps she did’nt know what to choose so che chose it all ! But she stays as we love her, a princess gangsta and eventhought most of stylist would hit the roof seeing that, she’s giving an important message : women are all différents, they all can be whoever they want, they are strong fighters. Congrats Riri, you won the most wtf outfit !



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